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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

FESTIVE EDITION – Inspired by the Power of Holidays!

Empower yourself by the magic of night and day using the Circadian Set! The very solstice is your power!

Be the envy of all those that want a tasty treat with the Delicious set! You will have tricks and treats for everyone! Yummy!

Play it Naughty or Nice with the respective magical set Set. From wearing a Barely Armor and being a bit more sultry than most monsters bargain for to having the niceness to make eveyone your friend, these sets will set you apert!

These three-part Item sets and many more await you in this document! DMs and Players alike should look into them.
Their single powers make them up to be of uncommon rarity, but as sets their power grows steadily until you have all three items of one set. Go forth and collect them to your hearts delight!

This product includes the following Set Items:

Harvest’s Bounty
Lantern’s Finery
Set of the Dead
Winter Solstice
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