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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Each creature has a story to tell, with delightful lore and adventure hooks to help make them ready to deploy into your campaign as either friends or foes.


  • Team up with Santa Claus to save Christmas, or face down the jolly old dwarf and prepare to meet the brunt of his powerful spells and magical candy cane staff. 

  • Can you quell the sorrow of the Radiant Reindeer, fueled by mighty celestial powers but burdened by a troubled past? 

  • Are your wassailing skills a match for the Mari Lwyd? 

  • Can you brave the dual elements of fire and ice wielded by Jacquie Frost?


31 pages of new allies and adversaries abound, with countless stories awaiting inside, including 3 hi-res postcards showcasing some amazing holiday artwork.. Read more in the full preview to find out, and create your own holiday memories as you adventure alongside(or against!) more than a dozen unforgettable Christmas creatures.


@CurseofSebs says:

“From the shining example of festive cheer that is the electrum dragon, Santa Claus and white elephant to the unholy humbugs of the gilded treant, grumbler and Krampus, and the queen of the in between, Jacquie Frost, this is a supplement filled with the spirit of the season! The tongue-in-cheek Holiday cheer will be enforced by the snowman-at-arms if necessary! With such thoughtful and fun hooks as gift-wrapping presents for a demanding dragon, an incongruous team up with Krampus to save Santa Claus or wrangling or even redeeming unruly Yule lads, rich and creamy lore and truly gorgeous and playful artwork this is truly the gift that keeps on giving!”

12 Christmas SlaysPrice: $4.95