What Are We Doing?

It’s pretty simple. Game runners pitch the games they want to run and when they want to run their sessions during the event. Players will register to be able to reserve spots in those sessions.

  • Now: The Registration forms are open for games and players. Signing up will get players on the list for regular updates and the sign up password. Games will be added to the schedule as they are submitted so players can think about which games they want to play.
  • December 5th: Reservations open for spots in individual games
  • December 18-20th: we play!

Fantasy Grounds Traveller ship combat tracker is out


Hey guys and girls Doom here after a long wait we have ship combat tracker in Traveller FG.

Being a traveller fan and Dungeon master for a long time. I know most of the game can be spent on your ship.

So I’ve seen ppl moaning that the ship combat rules/highgard ist done yet but were know on the way.

With the combat tracker and you can see with MadBeardMan  posts they are well on the way and looking forward to getting his hands on

2300ad new release witch seems to be a lot of travellers go to settings it is for me with its more realistic expanse like approach

thx for reading