Stock Map: Forest – Trade Route

Stock Map: Forest – Trade Route

Publisher: Grim Press

Follow the caravan’s trail through the woods in this Forest – Trade Route map!

Map Preview

This product includes GRID & NO-GRID versions, each 40×40 squares at 70dpi, 150dpi, and 300dpi. It can be used in personal projects or commercial products (see License below).


Purchase of this product allows you non-exclusive use of these maps in an unlimited number of commercial products. The maps can be altered, modified, cropped, or combined, but must maintain their original resolution. When using the map in a commercial product, you must credit Grim Press as an artist or cartographer in an appropriate location within your supplement and on the product’s page. This license only allows you to include our maps in your commercial product. You may not: take credit for the map’s creation, sell the map on its own, or otherwise redistribute the map as part of a product or bundle where the map is primary asset included.


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Ultimate Mundane Item List – Over 4,000 pieces!

Ultimate Mundane Item List – Over 4,000 pieces!

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Ultimate Mundane Item List has over 4,000 items and pieces of equipment pulled from over 80 first-party Dungeons and Dragons sourcebooks (all the way back to 1st edition) brought together with standardized weights and cost! Not just that, all item rules (weapons, armor, alchemical items, etc.) have been updated for 5e! This set includes a 719-page PDF, as well as an Excel file that you can update with your own items (or adjust item costs for your campaign). Rules and formulas are provided in the Excel file to make adding new items a breeze.

No magic to be found here, only everyday items, weapons, armor…and more! 42 categories in all, including:

Adventuring Gear



Miniatures, Perfect


Musical Instruments

Animal Products

Plant Products

Armor, Barding


Armor, Light


Armor, Medium


Armor, Heavy


Armor, Modifications


Armor, Shields



Vehicle, Accessory


Vehicles, Land


Vehicles, Sea


Weapons, Ammunition


Weapons, Firearms


Weapons, Melee – Martial


Weapons, Melee – Simple


Weapons, Modifications


Weapons, Ranged – Martial


Weapons, Ranged – Simple


Weapons, Siege

What to expect:

Tables. Lots and lots of tables. 716 pages of tables (approximately half of this is by category, the other half is an A-Z listing of all items). See the example pictures below.

What NOT to expect:

Item descriptions: This sourcebook will NOT tell you what a paenula is, but it will tell you how much it costs, weighs, what original sourcebook it came from, and what rules (if any) apply to it (again, see pictures below). 
Art: There is some art scattered throughout the PDF, but this is primarily thematic and meant as a break between sections. 719 pages without art is already a lot!

PDF examples

EXCEL Examples

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The Oracle Class Book

The Oracle Class Book

Publisher: Crimson Terrain

The Oracle Class Book

Manipulate the Fabric of the Cosmic Tapestry

Oracle’s are powerful manipulators of the fabric and threads of the cosmic tapestry, defined as a class by their connection to the divine cosmos and the deities that preside within. Drawing upon this connection oracles are inundated with divine magic and wisdom which they wield upon the mortal world.

Within the pages of this book, you will discover 3 powerful subclasses and the necessary items and spells to play them in your next game.

Gift of Sight

Those Oracles who have received the Gift of Sight make greater use of their Thurible. They have been granted mastery over the intoxicating haze produced by their herbs, incense, and oils. Allowing them to exert greater control over their surroundings and those fortunate or misfortunate enough to share that space with them.

Gift of Rituals

Those Oracles who have been granted the Gift of Rituals have been granted the extraordinary ability to peer into the ethereal. As they grow in their powers they begin to become more and more ethereal themselves. Those who have gained the greatest mastery of these gifts find themselves balancing precariously upon a razor-thin line between planes of existence more ethereal than material.

With this gift comes knowledge of the spirit world and the ability to reach into the ethereal and pull spirits into the material world to act as conduits of divine power. Oracles possessed of these gifts are able to use the language of the gods themselves to bind the spirits chaining them to the earth in order to maintain control.

Gift of Augury

These oracles are capable of reading the patterns and signs present in the behaviors and other aspects of birds. This ability allows the oracle to predict the outcome of important events. Though their talents are usually reserved for matters of state some have been known to make their abilities available to even the most common folk. Using their glimpses of the great tapestry to decide if marriages will be happy, if children will grow up to be good people, or if business arrangements will turn sour.

The Augurs as most people know them are barely seen as Oracles and their gifts carry few of the social stigmas commonly attributed to their cousins possessed of more supernatural gifts. Their talents for reading signs and patterns have a wide range of uses and the people are well adapted to having them employ these gifts to their personal benefit.

More than Just a Class

In addition to the class and gifts themselves, I have included 20 spells and two items necessary to play the class in your next game. 

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They are here | suspense soundtrack

They are here | suspense soundtrack

Publisher: Hideous Hiss

More suspense needed before things go south? You got it! Perfect suit for any horror and thriller kind of situations.

You get 10 minute track, 256 kbps MP3 (loopable).

This file is royalty free and free to use for personal use. 
Audio preview of the track below (5 minutes out of 10).

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Publisher: Dungeon Rogues

Tomb-atoes! is an adventure created for 2-4 characters of level 1-3. This adventure is campaign setting neutral and can easily take place in any fantasy world. The total potential number of experience points to be awarded by this adventure are: 1850 XP

What’s going on?

Uncle Izzo’s Pastaria is the newest culinary experience opened by the world-renowned goblin chef Izzo. Izzo is known for building his restaurants, ahem “experiences,” in strange places. The Pastaria is no different; it was built alongside an ancient orc burial ground.

Not only does the Pastaria overlook the cemetery but the unique heirloom tomatoes that are used in Izzo’s marinara are grown in a huge garden that has been planted among the mounds and crypts.

Deep roots and vines have tangled into the crumbling cemetery architecture, and the largest of the tomato bushes managed to take root in the sarcophagus of a long dead orc war leader. The spirit of the orc awakened within the tomato and now the tomatoes are possessed by the war leader, and his orc hoard!

What’s included?

Maps. Two areas mapped and ready for your VTT of choice.
Grid, No Grid, and Notated options of maps.

Monsters. All of the Monsters and stat blocks needed to play right away. Includes the unique Tomb-ato! and Giant Tomb-ato!

Adventure. Easy to follow Adventure that works as a one-shot or fits nicely into an ongoing campaign.

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