Monsters & Mysteries [BUNDLE]

Monsters & Mysteries [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Night at the Lucaryen
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An exclusive party at an illustrious antiquities museum. A missing benefactor and host who turns up dead. A missing mummy, the crown jewel of a new exhibit, and a hardboiled detective trying to make sense of it all. And a party of adventurers caught right in the middle! Welcome to the Lucaryen Museum of Antiquities, enjoy your visit. We recommend for your safety not to wander the halls at night; some of our exhibits have a habit of coming alive and attacking the unwary. Not to mention other guests who may have something damming to hide, and a loose set of morals. Don’t worry – I’m sure you’ll be fine!
In this pulp thriller mystery one-shot, your players will be thrust into the role of Occult Detectives, investigating the murder of the museum’s namesake and searching the premises …

The Webs of Shadowpine
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Something sinister is happening in the idyllic forest town of Shadowpine. While some of its residents have simply vanished without a trace, others have begun to act strange and secretive. A wealthy socialite seeks help from adventuers to find her missing partner.
But the truth is obscured in a tangled web – in this case, literally. Over the course of this level 1-4 adventure, your players will investigate a town with no shortage of suspicious characters, fend off attacks from intelligent giant spiders, attend a doomed masquerade ball, and do battle with an eight-legged monstrousity deep in the Shadowpine gold mine.
Includes: – A 3-chapter adventure, with full location breakdowns for Shadowpine – Player mechanics for festival games, bartending, and more – Dozens of detailed NPCS – Unique…

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d12 Monthly Issue 17 – The Halloween 2022 Issue

d12 Monthly Issue 17 – The Halloween 2022 Issue

Publisher: YUM_DM

This is issue 17 of the successful zine, d12 Monthly. This issue is all about Halloween.  

A zine for fans of the longest-running roleplaying game, or any fantasy TTRPG, in the same vein as the roleplaying magazines of old.

You will find articles intended to spur on ideas for your own campaign.

These zine are available free from my website, but this is a way you can have all your TTRPG stuff in one place and help support me and my work.

This issue contains the following:

Slasher! – Three gruesome killers from the movies come to life in your fantasy campaign world.

Graveyard Encounters – Not your usual graveyard encounters. Events and other creature types other than undead infest the graveyards.

Creepers – Let these three new undead meet your PCs.

Halloween Holidays – Add special festive days and holidays to your campaign world.

It’s a Mad Mad World – Easy rules for adding insanity into your fantasy game.

And much more! 

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Biotech Vehicles

Biotech Vehicles

Publisher: Mongoose

Biotech Vehicles introduces nine new biotech vehicles, a suit of biotech powered armour, and addiitonal weapons and rules for biotech vehicles.

Included in this volume:
Caliban Bio-Armour
Froghopper Walker/Leaper
Chelon Mini Research Sub
Sprite Ornithopter
Behemoth Walker
Grym Combat Walker
Combat Wasp
Fellwraith Airship
Leviathan Hive Terraformer
Kraken Research Sub
LM-300D Humannoid Biot
New Rules and Weapons

This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software powered by machine learning.
Images were then further adjusted, mixed, and composited in image editing software.

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The Ruined Tower of Horace Sharpcheeks

The Ruined Tower of Horace Sharpcheeks

Publisher: Black Dice Games

A low level adventure for new players.

There was a time when the wizard Horace Sharpcheeks overlooked the village of Cresthaven from atop his tower. That was until his tower exploded in a giant green fireball and Horace was never heard from again. 

The owner of the Crossed Arms inn claims there is an entrance to a mysterious cavern system below the cellar, spewing forth all types of monsters onto the once peaceful countryside.  The village elders also agree that it’s worth investigating the rumors, and have put out a call to all adventurers to cleanse the site of the wizard’s tower and report back their findings. The one thing everyone can agree upon is that goblins have infested the ruins, and they must go.

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The Red Woods

The Red Woods

Publisher: CZRPG

The Red Woods is a 5e supplement which aims to help you save prep time and impress your players.

This product offers you a ready-to-use location, which you can drop in any setting, along with detailed encounters that can become an daventure. All of this supported by maps, to complement your game without the need to prepare. 

The Red Woods is a peaceful and beautfil forest filled with red maple and redbud trees, hidden from most of the world via an illusion magic. The nearby common folk visit the woods yearly as part of the Crimson Festival, in which they bring offering to the fey people who live in the grove: the faersona. But the woods now face the menace of the Sharpclaws, evil druids who took the forest to themselves. Can the party help the fey take their home back?

Here’s a summary of what you get in this product:

19-pages PDF gorgeously laid out with amazing artwork
1 location with lore
3 detailed encounters that can become an adventure (4-6h of gameplay)
2 new stat block
1 custom artwork
3 battlemaps with ~41 versions (night, rain, etc)
1 regional map
1 new Druid subclass: Circle of the Sharpclaw

This content was part of September’s content for CZRPG’s Patreon, and the maps were done by Jeremy Kimberling, from MimicMaps.

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Layout & Maps Preview

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