Requiel – Custom Card

Requiel – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo
Choose a weapon that doesn’t have the 2-Handed trait and a spell that has the Attack trait. When you play one for your combat check, you may recharge the other ([c] or shuffle it into your deck) to add 1d6 ([c] 2d6) and that card’s trait to the check.

At the end of your turn, you may attempt to recharge a spell in your discard pile.
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Requiel – Custom Card

Requiel – Custom Card

Publisher: Paizo
The orphaned girl of mysterious circumstance, and raised by clerics in the city of Sanctum. As a teenager, she began to study as an apprentice under renowned local wizard Urimeila Dualdraatik, discovering she had an adept talent in the arcane. She soon after, she began training with a sword, under the cities conscription laws, where she learned to harness her magic through a blade just like with a wand. As time went on, she was selected to join a specialized party to resolve unique assignments. These assignments further fueled her ambition for knowledge striving to learn anything from each new task.
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Dracon Player Race for Spelljammer

Dracon Player Race for Spelljammer

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dracon are travelers from distant stars who have only recently started to explore the wonders of wildspace. Dracon are extremely social creatures from a culture that values politeness and formality and who had never seen humanoids until they left their homeworld. This PDF contains everything you need to play a dracon as a player race in the 5th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons.

Choose to play a Dracon if you want…

To be a quadrupedal space-lizard who views humanoids as the “strange and bizarre aliens”. .

To be large and imposing, but gentle and polite at heart. .

To excel at working together with others for a common goal.

To have a strong connection to the Spelljammer setting. 

To be a member of a race that favors the Barbarian, Cleric, Druid or FIghter classes.

Feel free to check out my other work on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

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Reviews, Feedback and playtesting of the Dracon would be greatly appreciated as It has only seen limited playtesting so far by me. Your name will be added to the playtesting credits if you submit your experiences with the race and your name to me. 

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[Fill] in the Dark: Conflicts

[Fill] in the Dark: Conflicts

Publisher: Grey Games

[Fill] in the Dark: Conflicts does just that! Draw cards and fill in the blanks with elements from your game and world. Use this deck of cards to generate interesting and impactful conflicts unique to your game. Let this print-and-play deck inspire you and your table!

This deck contains:

8 Drivers – they say why the conflict is happening
16 Factors – they say how the conflict is affected by a third actor
16 Modifiers – they modify the conflict in a significant way

The system is modular, so draw cards in whatever way best inspires you. Use them as prompts to develop any area of your game. Our recommendation is to randomly draw one Driver, one Factor and one Modifier, and then, as a table, make a conflict. We recommend using the deck when your table interacts with a new area of your world or after a significant passing of in-world time.

This deck is designed for Forged in the Dark games. But, it can be used with any system.

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