Dragonia: Rise of Magic

Dragonia: Rise of Magic

Publisher: Craig A. Price

Lilianya never wanted anything more than to make a difference…

Every step of the way, she is overshadowed… until she discovers the key to wielding magic…

The resistance is hidden away from the empire, but it’s only a matter of time until they’re discovered. If preparing to fight the empire wasn’t enough trouble, the resistance runs into issues with pirates stealing their resources off of the coast. They struggle to continue training, learn magic, use the dragon stone, and prevent the pirate attacks.

Lilianya steps up with an idea to stop the pirates. Even more, Lilianya believes there’s a chance they can turn the pirates to their side, brining even more people into the resistance against the empire.

Will she be able to convince the pirates to join, or will the resistance have another obstacle from bringing peace throughout the land of Kaeldroga?

If you love Eragon, Dragonriders of Pern, Ezaara, Dragon Blood, Dragon Gate, and every other brilliant dragonrider epic out there, you’ll love Dragonia: Rise of Magic because… well, dragons. And wyverns, drakes, wyrms, and amphitheres!

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Roaring 20’s Bounty Generator

Roaring 20’s Bounty Generator

Publisher: D10 Dimensions

The concept of bounties and bounty hunters has been around since people first managed to successfully escape into the wilderness to evade the long arm of the law. And during the time of prohibition, high profile and organized crimes surged into the public like never before.

This list is intended for any game in the Roaring 20’s genre (like Gangbusters, Call of Cthulhu, Pulp Hero, Justice Inc., etc.). Whether the fugitive is a lowdown thief or an innocent framed for a crime they didn’t commit, this table can help you generate a fugitive with an interesting background, and more than just a number placed on their head.

This product uses a set of nine tables / charts to generate details about the fugitive, the crime, the bounty itself, the original victims of the crime, and the current circumstances. This set of 9 tables requires twenty sided dice (1d20) and ten sided dice (1d10) to use.

Check out D10 Dimensions on DrivethruRPG for additional Roaring 20s products to generate a long list of your speakeasies, caches of loot, teams of G Men, old cars, beautiful femme fatales, dark asylums, or a range of items for any pocket, hideout or hidden box in an old basement somewhere.

This product works smoothly with other D10 Dimensions products like 100 Reasons to Be Committed in the 19th Century Vol 1 and 2.

Example (Generated from random rolls from this product in paragraph form):

This fugitive (that I named Darrell Jones) is a 34 year old male who was raised in a farming background. He gained a “sailor’s tattoo from his time in WWI. The bounty posted against him was posted in Texas. Jones was charged with multiple offenses of bootlegging alcohol. The bounty is posted at $700. Jones managed to avoid being caught by using his combat skills and tactics from the military. The Bounty posted on Jones was set by a rich benefactor / friend of one of the victim (the Texas government in this case). The bounty was posted 6 months ago, so Jones must have been charged at least 8 or more months ago.

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Menzoberranzan Excursion Trilogy [BUNDLE]

Menzoberranzan Excursion Trilogy [BUNDLE]

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
This special bundle product contains the following titles.

Devious Designs – Menzoberranzan Excursion Act 2
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Format: PDF
Close a gate to Avernus, steal a powerful mind flayer artifact, and risk it all in a drow casino in the exciting second act of the Menzoberranzan Excursion Trilogy!
Devious Designs immediately follows the the surprise attack on House Freth’s gladiatorial arena at the end of The Drider’s Revenge. As they learn about the devious designs of House Freth’s nobility, will the heroes stay loyal to their patron drow house or pit House Freth and House Auvryndar against one another in a riskier, deadlier game?
1/8/22 Note: The trilogy is now complete!
This adventure includes three casino games – two of which were created specifically for the drow casino Tymora’s Folly! Lolth’s Web, a high-stakes card game, is available as a free promo item!
To utilize this adventure, you’ll need the Play…

Endgame – Menzoberranzan Excursion Act 3
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Format: PDF
In the thrilling finale to the Menzoberranzan Excursion Trilogy, the heroes must assassinate a drow matron mother, choose the next ruler of House Freth, and ultimately decide the face of Menzoberranzan, the iconic City of Spiders!
Endgame follows the events of The Drider’s Revenge and Devious Designs. The heroes have maneuvered through politics and conflict between the drow houses Freth and Auvryndar, and they find themselves at the culmination of the machinations of nefarious forces. This 12-hour adventure utilizes story awards to track the heroes’ progress and tailor story elements and challenges to the decisions they’ve made.
To utilize this adventure, you’ll need the Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, The Drider’s Revenge a…

The Drider’s Revenge – Menzoberranzan Excursion Act 1
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Format: PDF
Delve into internal drow politics and uncover the dark history between House Freth and House Auvryndar in this 8-hour tier 3 adventure connected to Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.
The Drider’s Revenge is the first segment of a trilogy that weaves intrigue into the conflict between the drow houses Freth and Auvryndar in Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. It immediately follows the exploration of levels 10-12 in the hardcover adventure.
1/8/22 Note: The trilogy is finally complete!
This adventure includes a 23-page resource that brings Menzoberranzan to life as well as stat blocks for unique NPCs and brand-new adversaries, such as the drow death lancer, the drow haughty noble, and the hobgoblin annihilator.

Some details in …

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City Junkyard (24×36 IN) Modern Battle Map

City Junkyard (24×36 IN) Modern Battle Map

Publisher: CT Nihilo

The City Junkyard is a modern style Table Top RPG battle map perfect for Virtual Table Top systems or to be printed and used during your next game. The map is detailed with plenty of background items to initiate a fun and interesting session while non-descript in any specific titles to allow for easy drop in into any game.

The scene takes place in a dystopian cyberpunk junkyard with mounds of scrap, bags of trash, broken vehicles, destroyed robots, and chemical leaks. Hidden throughout the junkyard in the hidden corners created by the piles of trash are a possible crime scene, deep pit, buried bones, and small tents and cots acting as makeshift homes.

The junkyard is surrounded by a high fence lined with barbed wire. A small office building is located at the front of the junkyard for inquiries, payments, and drop offs. A two story trash collection building with an open top allows for aero collection vehicles to drop the days garbage where a system of cranes distribute it across the yard.

A second level map is provided that includes the crane rails and and cranes.

The map aesthetic works great for games set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, or any modern urban setting.

The pack includes a single map with lit and unlit versions, as well as a version with and without the grid. 

Included in download:
City Junkyard map with grid at 150dpi for use with VTTs.
City Junkyard map with grid at 300dpi tiled into 9 images for printing on A4 paper.
City Junkyard map with and without lighting effects.
City Junkyard is a 24×36 inch map.

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Nafarnax, Tarn Linnorm

Nafarnax, Tarn Linnorm

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

To celebrate the release of Engame – Menzoberranzan Excursion Act 3, I’m releasing the stat block for legendary adversary Nafarnax, the tarn linnorm (CR 23). With two heads and acid breath that can melt adventurers into a puddle of goo, it’s a truly deadly adversary that only the mightest of heroes can hope to overcome!

If you love drow, the city of spiders, intrigue, and awesome encounters, check out the complete Menzoberranzan Excursion Trilogy:

The Drider’s Revenge

Devious Designs


Looking for three interesting encounters to flesh out the subterranean town of Skullport from Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage? Check this out:

Skullport Encounters

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